What am I?


Artist who photographs, and draws.

Art historian.


Digital curator (although I am a little cautious about using the term when almost everyone seems to use the term if they have put more than 1 link on a page).

I give advice and training in using social media. I could provide coaching in blogging.

Social media surgeon (just starting to be, in my spare time). If you have not come across this term before, it is someone who volunteers to help others to use social media. I help people from charities or voluntary organisations at a new North East of England social media surgery.

A founder of Weekly Blog Club (another voluntary activity).

I currently work freelance. Do get in touch if you think I could do something for you.

What was I?

Digital project manager.

Project manager.

Researcher/research assistant.

Heritage manager.

(working in public sector: heritage, museums, libraries, archives or acadaemia).

Artist who drew, painted, photographed, and sculpted.

Where am I?

Probably in the North of England as you read this, almost certainly in the UK. I do not have the opportunity to wander the Earth much (but sometimes fly through the universe in my imagination).


@janetedavis on Twitter.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Janet E Davis,
    Stumbled upon your blog… wonder if we’re distantly related? My g-g-g-g-g-grandfather left Ringwood, England for the north eastern coast of Newfoundland a couple of centuries ago.
    Will spend some more time on your blogs, looking at your artwork.
    Janet S Davis

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