Welcome to my website. This is about my work, paid and voluntary.

I am currently available for paid work, and am happy to work freelance, including remotely where feasible.

My latest blog posts

Writer’s block on the Janet’s Jottings blog.

Hatton Gallery drawing session 5 on Janet E Davis Art.

My work blog on this website – What I’m doing - is one of several blogs that I use.

My other blogs (and websites)

If you want to visit some of the others, they include:

  • Janet E Davis – the Blog is the more formal blog about work-related issues.
  • Janet’s Jottings is the more informal and personal blog, includes posts about life drawing.
  • Suburbis – this is a Tumblr blog usually very brief posts, miscellaneous topics, can include cartoons, animations, things that have caught my eye, comments on news, dreams…
  • Janet E Davis – another Tumblr blog with brief posts but I use this one as a place to collate my @130story posts – micro stories written in 130 characters or less using a word tweeted by @130story.
  • I also founded the Weekly Blog Club blog, based on an idea by Dan Slee, which collates links to blogs by various people.
  • Janet E Davis Art is my art website (some of my work is for sale).

Migrated from Posterous.

I transferred the posts on the various blogs based on Posterous to other platforms during March and April 2013 since Posterous shut down at the end of April 2013.

Janet E Davis - Self-portrait red

About page

Digital image

Digital & social media


Cultural heritage

Life study © Janet E Davis 2011

Art and photography

Links © Janet E Davis.


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